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Frequently asked questions by a web development company

Yes, of course! All the sites I make look great on tablet and mobile. Our web development company adjust your design to work for different device sizes and ask for feedback from you to ensure that the design maintains it’s integrity and expresses the site personality accurately. Just like the fantastic websites you can see in our portfolio.

They sure you can! Once the site is live I send links to tutorial videos showing how to do the basics as an entry level website developer . It’s important to note that if the site design is very complicated then major changes will most likely be beyond them and will require expert help.

Yes, I do. For the first month after the site is live I am available to restore the site to a backup from the day it went live. I can also answer questions and provide any help you may need. After that first month all help, edits and restoration will be charged for at a full hourly rate, unless you have selected a monthly maintenance package.

Yes! I do offer SEO services. The price starts from ₹ 17,000 ($250) onwards.

Yes, I do. I can also give advice on other hosting options for those special clients that need very active 24/7 support

We can totally work within the your budget. But instead of I offering enormous discounts, I adjust the client’s expectations and create a site within their budget. So instead of a 25 page ecommerce site with a portfolio that clicks through to 23 items and a blog with 76 posts and fifty million contact forms; you should consider a more simple site to start with.

We can even talk about my template-based system for those clients with very limited budgets. So they don’t get a completely bespoke site, but rather a site unique to them in branding, colours and images on a more generic template for layout and functionality. A template which we can create together and reuse for future budget-friendly sites. You won’t even be able to spot the template in the wild on other sites unless they possess that designer eagle-eye like us.

A website is an essential aspect of a brand and I will work with you to ensure that you are still in charge of the website process, even if the you don’t really have the budget for it. We don’t want to see an ugly site that craps all over the gorgeous brand you have just worked so hard to create.

I have some template websites that can be purchased and used to bring the costs of the site down. If we work together enough, then we can collaborate on a couple of templates that will be used for your clients only.

Populating a template means less time for both you and I on each site, so we can charge much less for the website component of their fancy new brand.

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