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    Once in a while, there is some good update and there is a lot of expectations from the Elementor community from Elementor Devs.

    Unfortunately, again this time the update is no good and the community feels that the devs have let them down. Well yes, we are discussing the new beta update that is in the works and out for us to test it out. The product is none other than the Hello Theme from Elementor. This time the update is for header and footer within the theme instead of depending on 3rd party plugins or even Elementor Pro.

    Elementor just released a new Hello Theme Beta V2.4 with Header & Footer option. Here’s what’s included:

    • Header & Footer Design Capabilities – Add headers & footers into the Site Settings with Hello theme.
    • Customizable Headers & Footers – Customize every element, choose from a standard or hamburger menu, select a background color and put your personal touch on your tagline.
    • No code will be loaded when the Pro version of Elementor is detected. All code is optimized for speed.

    Whats new with Header & Footer


    The header & Footer offers 3 layouts as below screenshot:

    Header Layouts


    Image Courtesy: Elementor Github

    Footer Layouts


    Image Courtesy: Elementor Github

    Our verdict: It’s a useless addition that the team has put efforts into if this is what it wants to release this update.

    Why this Verdict: The header and footer have the same kind of layout that is Logo+Site Title, Menu and for footer, we have an addition of Copyright text.

    Come on guys what were you thinking? even free Astra, Kadence or even Blocksy offers better options.

    How does this work?

    1. Go to any page and edit it with Elementor
    2. Click on the Panel hamburger menu, and access the Site Settings
    3. Under the Theme Style section, you will see two new items: Header and Footer
    4. Choose either one and start customizing your layout, design, and structure

    Please watch this video to get a first-hand experience of this new update.


    This new update is scheduled for release approx on 27th April 2021.

    Appearance modification options

    In addition to choosing the layouts, you can make some appearance modifications to your header and footer. You can customize the width, background color, menu, appearance and style of each element.

    Effect on Hello Theme’s performance

    One of the biggest advantages of Hello Theme is that it’s very lightweight and we put a lot of effort into making sure it remains as such.
    We achieved this by writing the new functionalities to the Elementor plugin – thus minimizing any impact on the theme.
    Unless you choose to display the header and footer, the theme will not be affected in any way.

    How will this impact new vs. existing sites?

    All new sites will include the new header and footer functionalities. However, this new addition will not impact your existing sites until you opt-in via the Site Settings.

    How this works with Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder

    Elementor pro users are welcome to use the new functionality but Elementor Pro’s Theme builder already has the same capabilities and much, much more. We recommend that pro users keep using Theme Builder.
    Header and footer sections built using Theme Builder will override Hello Theme in case of a conflict, just like any theme-based header and footer.

    Our Roundup of this update:

    • New features and updates time should be more focused on elementor and not the Hello theme. This theme was meant to be a vanilla theme where we can add our own styling and code instead of building a site from the ground up
    • This update can be completely ignored by all pro users. As this is of no use to any of the pro users

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